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Actually it all started the moment I kena food poisoning. I didn’t know I was pregnant back then. I keep muntah muntah non stop. I buat pregnancy test but it’s negative. I assume I just food poisoning and was admitted one night. I just work from home with this one IT company from Singapore. Our life quite good. Everything serba cukup walaupun tak mewah. After food poisoning tu. I keep muntah lagi. Cannot eat or drink. After 4 days of food poisoning incidents tu baru i dapat tahu i pregnant which my result came up positive. Start that moment everything macam huru hara sikit. Meeting dengan client I terpaksa handover kat my colleague. I absent from my work because I tak mampu nak duduk pun due to this pregnancy Sebab mabuk teruk sangat and betul betul tak larat. Sampai i minum air putih pun muntah. That’s why I need that IV drip for a bit energy. I lost 6kg throughout my first trimester. That moment my boss dah start bising Sebab I tak commit dengan kerja and client complain Sebab i banyak push meeting. I don’t want to lose my job and I tried to attend this one meeting with my client but I keep vomiting throughout the meeting. Then client complain about me being unprofessional. My boss starts not giving me task and client because he wants me to look back on my mistake and ask me to fix it. I tak boleh nak fix something that I can’t control.


My sickness getting worse. Husband I kerja shift based. So he had to send me to my parents house because I need proper care. I ambil cuti from my job for 2 weeks unpaid. I started working again after my leave ends but I still keep on cuti Sebab I sakit and suddenly I just received a text from my boss saying that he had to let me go because he can’t keep someone who’s incompetent and can’t commit to the work even though they have tonnes of projects coming in. I seriously merayu dekat dia to give me one more chance to fix it but he said no and dah buat keputusan. He even said that he can’t pay my final salary sebab i banyak tak masuk kerja and client banyak complain pasal I. Then everything went downhill. My salary actually covers up most of our living expenses.


Now everything Serba serbi tak cukup. I keep crying and stressed myself out but then I don’t want to keep feel sorry for myself. I tried to jual something that cost less to start but maybe can make me help my husband a bit. So I start meniaga. Cuma tak banyak sambutan sangat but I’m still trying. I don’t think I have the right to give up. But seriously it’s quite tough. Banyak benda tak dapat cover and we seriously behind some of the payment. Actually I nak cover rental je Sebab takut kena halau if tak bayar the third month. I try tanya owner whether boleh tak I bayar one month dulu. A month rental 1k. Husband I kerja. I je yang business Sebab nak tolong dia. Yes I pegang stock. Buat masa ni ada satu box lagi which contains dalam 19 box lagi

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