The WhatsApp Economy



In Malaysia, Facebook is used to sell trips to hike mountains.

On WhatsApp, durians are being sold.

Cakes. Food. Drinks. Et cetera. Riders are being paid to deliver said foodstuff.

Its a thriving micro digital WhatsApp economy.

The digital economy is the WhatsApp economy.

Of course, we can talk about big ticket items such as Carsome. But to the majority of civil servants, and female and male entrepreneurs who are looking for a few extra hundred ringgit a month.

It is the messaging platform that they use to sell their stuff.

Twitter is being used as well. Loads of posts asking for retweets if not direct selling activation.

Its quite cool actually, to see that the rakyat being resourceful and leveraging on what they can to make an honest living.

Using Wassap as Malaysians like to pronounce it can be very lucrative.

Making a deal with riders to deliver products and services generates cold hard cash.

Its a cash business.

Just wait for Raya season, so many people selling raya biscuits and so forth on Wassap groups.

This includes Wassap Group for teachers, housing area, etc.

The way forward for the Wassap Economy is to integrate Wassap with Instagram and Twitter as well as Facebook.

Leave your Wassap no around on these platforms so that customers can contact you for orders and enquiries.

Note that this is suitable for those who don't mind a bit of a mess in organizing information.

If you want to be a bit more organized, launch a website like with receipts auto-generated and so on.

Meanwhile, to support our digital campaign to help people, please click this link here.

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